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Sentinel in Darkness

Sentinel in Darkness
Medium construct, unaligned

Deep in the hidden parts of the world, the Dragonborn built sanctified temples designed to provide aid and succor to those who came after them. Three offerings are made available to those who enter a Wanderer’s Temple, guarded by the Sentinel in Darkness: a stone construct in the form of a 10ft tall, four-armed, blindfolded Dragonborn. To leave the temple in peace, an additional offering must be added to one of the three stone offering boxes. If offerings are removed from the temple, an offering of equal or greater value must be left behind. The Sentinel in Darkness will attack anyone who attempts to leave the Wanderer’s Temple without balancing the offerings.

If a creature spends a short rest or long rest in the safety of the Wanderer’s Temple, the temple is sealed and a new offering must be made before the way is opened.

Making an Offering The value of an offering is determined by its utility to a Dragonborn adventurer from millenia ago, and roughly ranked by item rarity. A common item can generally be swapped for any other common item; two common items might be swapped for an uncommon item, four uncommon items might be swapped for a rare item, and so on, at the DM’s discretion. Raw currency can be offered to match the value of an item. Knowledge may also be offered, in the form of books, scrolls and parchments. The value of the knowledge will be adjudicated by the DM.

Adapted from Sentinel in Darkness, Creature Codex, Kobold Press, pp 323.