Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Welcome to Telisar. This site is a compendium of information about the Frog Hat Club, a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign I am running for a few of my friends. We've been playing twice a month (mostly!) since November 2017, and we're still going strong. Below you'll find recent session summaries and lore, including short stories, worldbuilding, homebrew mechanics, and whatever else I come up with. I also maintain a beastiary containing homebrew critters I have used to...entertain the party. Thanks for visiting!   --evilchili

Recent Sessions

Episode 96/97: The Palace of Ice, Part IX

??? Keen absorbed the Shard of the Heart of Bahamut, and found himself in a black void, without form. From the darkness emerged a most unexpected visage: Ginny Myrndottir, agent of the Skink and Keen’s ex-lover.

Episode 94/95: The Palace of Ice, Part VIII

Competitive Party Trebuchet ended with Whisper, Keen, and Sirlius victorious but not before one trebuchet was completely destroyed and their opponent was knocked unconscious. Their unorthodox performance gained significant attention from other party-goers, and even a respectful nod from Towards the Within, one of the arch-fey that ruled the Winter Court.

Episode 93: The Palace of Ice, Part VII

The party made their way to the dance floor where they found a dance battle just completing. The victors included a halfling, a dwarf and an eladrin lord – none other than Elstuvian “Stu” am Vaskaralithien, the Herald of the Whisper King and their brief ally.

Episode 92: The Palace of Ice, Part VI

??? Magnus made to leap into the pool after the axe, but Whisper interposed herself between him and the ice. The Kenku declared it too dangerous a weapon to be wielded, but Magnus countered that the consciousness of the Myconid colony whose spores lived with him had provided a solution: they would absorb the berserker rage the axe created and allow Magnus to retain his senses.

Episode 91: The Palace of Ice, Part V

??? The dracolich roared, filling the party with a magical terror, before unleashing a blast of icy breath that froze Stella, Yuna, and Sirlius in place as they were enveloped in the viscous, flowing gelatinous ooze.

Recent Lore

What Levani Tells You

The Trazjte ur Flasch (“The Burning Truth”), is a tiefling cult started by Rashtek, a necromancer seeking to become a lich. They took Levani when she was a child and raised her.


We came for our Lady, though she knew it not. We reject the false balance; Winter is no opposite but a blight, and M– no queen but a guttersnipe whore. We would have freed the Fey of her tyranny and restore the Garden of Chaos, the Rapture of Summer Growth Unending.

The Trials of Gofa the Mighty

Gofa the Mighty came to the mountain fortress of Azam the Seer to demand the knowledge to defeat his enemies. But Azam denied him, for the Seer took little notice of the affairs of the world.

Five Tales of Ara Am Akiir

One It is the year 2392 ME. The town of Kessian, on the shores of the eponymous Lake is happy, prosperous, and safe. Harvests are bountiful, the weather mild and the many dangers of Telisar seem to give the place a wide birth.

The Library of Amouradiath

As you crest the top of the hill, you see a plain of large flowers stretching out before you, something like sunflowers but taller, with droopy blue petals and umber pistils.