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Vaxrithar Unshackled

Vaxrithar Unshackled
Medium aberration, chaotic evil

Vaxrithar is a beholder that was captured, chained, and pressed into service as part of the Pashtum Bank’s vault security system, its face and eye stalks held fast, protruding from the ceiling of an antechamber to the vault itself. The creature has been kept compliant for centuries by means of a powerful narcotic applied directly to its exposed grey matter. Its only salvation is dream: a dream of freedom, a terrible vengeance unshackled.

Vaxrithar Unshackled is a semicorporeal entity borne of the hallucinatory dreams of a drug-addled Beholder. It appears within 120ft of the beholder Vaxrithar, intent on possessing the first corporeal entity it can, achieve corporeal form, and sew destruction upon its captors (and everyone else).