Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Castle Mystery, Part III: Chaotic Combat, Collected Captives, and Close Calls

The party immediately began attempting to free the trapped figures from the stasis pod, though they were harried by the sounds of snarls echoing up from the well and heavy footfalls encroaching from the stairs. Determined to not abandon the captives, the party held their ground at the stairwell while Tarn, Loopy, and Pistachio hurried to extract the elven man and Loopy’s mother. Just before combat commenced, Pistachio was able to help a frantic Loopy free his mother, who was ejected out onto the ground - alive but coughing and disoriented.

The party was then faced against two more sahuagin armed with toothy clubs that came rushing up the stairs. A lengthy fight ensued, constrained in close quarters of the stairwell. An especially effective application of Hideous Laughter by Marret disabled one of the sahuagin, allowing the party to get a number of free hits before it managed to shake the spell off. Tarn managed to free the elven man from his stasis pod before rushing in to help. Aldon, Pistachio, and Xinas engaged the sahuagin, with Pistachio attempting to draw the attention of one further down the stairs. Marret cheered her party on, bestowing inspiration on Xinas.

Pistachio’s automaton was felled, expelling a now-vulnerable Pistachio. Xinas hastened to assist, allowing Pistachio to retreat, but was knocked unconscious and viciously attacked, leaving him near to death. His assailant then attempted to flee down the stairs. At the same time, Aldon, Tarn, and Marret engaged the other sahuagin until it was forced to retreat. Tarn shifted into panther form and chased down the sahuagin, taking a huge bite out of his ass. The sahuagin whirled around, and came face-to-face with a postured Aldon and was utterly obliterated by a magnificent display of radiance. He crumpled to the ground as Pistachio wizzed by, seeking the second fleeing sahuagin.

Aldon, recovering from the euphoria of finally destroying a foe with his GODLINESS, stayed behind to attempt to stabilize Xinas, who unbeknownst to the party was holding on just by a thread - saved only by Marret’s inspiration when it mattered the most. Tarn pursued the would-be killer and attacked, but was viciously retaliated against, forced to drop the panther shape and severely damaged. They were unable to land another attack on the fleeing creature. Pistachio gave chase, entering a large cavern - finding an old dock structure and a capsized ship. Before the sahuagin could escape over the edge of the dock and into the safety of the water below, Pistachio threw a hasty fire bolt after, which unfortunately missed.

The party agreed it was time to retreat back to the relative safety of the first structure. Before they did, Tarn and Aldon pulled an unconscious Xinas up the stairs and pleaded to the elven man to see if he had any healing spells. Confused, concerned, but inclined to help, the elf acquiesced and healed Xinas. The party agreed to flee back to the store room, with the elven man and Loopy’s mother, silent and frightened, in tow. They barricaded the door with the room’s crates and barrels, discovering a hidden door in the floor in the process. Pistachio offered to explore, but the party insisted that they rest before they attempt anything else.

Pistachio took first watch with the elven man, who introduced himself as Solaine Brightwave. He freely offered details about himself to Pistachio, who learned that he was actually a sea elf. The rest was largely uneventful, aside from the brief sound of faint footsteps outside the barricaded door during Loopy’s watch. The party awoke the next morning feeling as rested as they could hope in a hostile environment, noting that they now found themselves in darkness - the sun having set a few hours prior.