Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Dramatis Personae

The ever-expanding list of characters in our campaign, as compiled in my notebooks. This list includes personages the party has either met or identified, but excludes incidentals that have not been named. Details such as character motivations, knowledge, alignments, affiliations etc. will stay in my notebooks. :)
Name Gender Race Description Last Known Whereabouts Notes
Skonk M Goblin green skin, underbite, muscular, left ear torn Thorimfel Below (deceased) Led a party of Black Tack goblins to kidnap the party
Drek M Kobold red skin, scrawny, nervous, stupid Greencrack Copper Mine Given the worst jobs by the Tribe
Jules Ultarson NB Dwarf redhead, long braided beard Whitebridge Rogue; born Julia Utarson, child of Ultar
Ultar Ultarson M Dwarf brown comb-over, freckles, fat, loud Whitebridge Owner of Greencrack Copper Mine; dotes on Jules but has trouble not deadnaming them
Anthol the Elder M Dwarf Ancient, bald, liver spots, thick spectacles Whitebridge Former adventurer and arcanist; tends to fall asleep in conversation
Lord Shimmerscale Fluid Fairy Dragon cat-sized, iridescent scales, wings like a dragonfly Feywild, location unknown Loves pranks, puzzles and games. Beaten at cards by Keen
Anthol the Younger M Dwarf Old, white hair Whitebridge Proprietor, Anthol’s Amazing Arcana; Better baker than wizard; angry
Ambriel NB Elf blond, young; acolyte of Syf Whitebridge Nervous stutter, runs out of breath, brave and foolish; Jules treats him like a brother
Masym F Elf bald, freckles, very tall, middle-aged Whitebridge Holy Mother of the Temple of Syf; extremely long-winded storyteller
Myconid Colony Rambunctious Mycelium millenia-old group consciousness of subterranean fungi, communicate via viral infection Thorimfel Below lovers of knowledge; hedonist; joined consciousness with a Djinnn; results uncertain
Bali M Dwarf cleric of Syf, has random visions Whitebridge well-meaning, dottering, not especially bright
Aleh Xa Akiir F Elf warrior monk, leader of the Akiiri Fist the Eleven Pentopolis (deceased) Aleh Xa’s spirit resides in Ara’s quarterstaff
Elres F Dwarf Militia captain, beautiful, long red hair in tight military braids Whitebridge Hates how much everyone loves Jules; practical, tough, boring
Flindori “Flin” M Elf Adolescent, cruel, laughing, broken Whitebridge Whitebridge Thieves Guild; orphaned; recieved monk training
“Quick” William Johnson MacDougal M Human 20, black anime hair, moody, angry Whitebridge Founded Whitebridge Thieves Guild; orphaned
Kristalia “Kris” Kristaldottir F Human teens, long, straight brown hair, spectacles, blue dress, bookish Whitebridge Whitebridge Thieves Guild; orphaned, wizard
Randal “The Terrible” M Human teens, short red hair; dick Whitebridge Whitebridge Thieves Guild, orphaned, ranger training
Sabetha F Tiefling shadow-dancer, blue skin; white, spikey hair, broken horns. Speaks only via telepathy Whitebridge Dancer at Zandilar’s, works for Madame Elethi
Banu M Human dark skin, grey/black twists, trim goatee, dark eyes Longdrop Arcanus Practicus Adeptus of Necromancy (retired), friend to Anthol the Elder, obsessed with Death
Wallace M Human short, fat, male-pattern baldness El Astrum (deceased) Arcanus Practicus Adeptus of Necromancy; replaced Banu
Thromi M Half-orc grey skin, green eyes, left tusk shorter than right El Astrum (presumed deceased) Arcanus Practicus Adeptus of Evocation, El Astrum Public Library Faculty. Petty and cruel, tormented the guard cohort
Skaggark M Goblin druid, green/grey skin, scrawny, long ears Whitebridge Trash aficionado; one of “The Three;” leaders of the Black Tack Tribe
Skaggit M Goblin druid, green skin, scrawny Thorimfel Below (deceased) one of “The Three”
Skarsgaard M Goblin druid, green/brown skin, scrawny Thorimfel Below (deceased) one of “The Three”
Eye of Kikka Lena M Goblin warlock, red skin / eyes, black pony tail Thorimfel Below (deceased) detonated by the Voice for his insolent tone
The Voice n/a - A voice like cold, black oil Minds of the Three Instructed the Three in residium refinement, directed them to kidnap the party
Tak M Human bard, olive skin, slick black hair, chin-strap beard and goatee; lisp Uman known associate of the Skink; smitten with Levani
The Ferryman Asexual ?? leathery green skin, bulbous head, 2.5ft tall, gold coins for eyes the Shore carries a curved knife and a lantern, can/must be bought off
Dog F Tiefling 6ft, muscular, grey skin, red eyes, iron chains braided into black hair Dis Terrified of fire; escaped through a planar portal
Anansus Incidental Celestial varies (commonly: a child, a raven, a black dragon) the Shore God of Trickery, Change and Boundaries; has taken an interest in the party
Rashtek M ?? Patron of the Trazjte ur Flasch Unknown Observed as a living flame on the Shore; possibly non-corporeal?
Yi-na-Hotep F Celestial Goddess of the Moon; often presents as an Ancient Silver Dragon Temple of the Moon (deceased) Bestowed Yuna with a celestial guide, Stella
Stella F Celestial Guardian in the form of a huge white dog that glows with moonlight With Yuna Not actually a dog
Moloc-na-Tombek M Dragonborn (silver) Shaman of the Silver Lady, lycanthrope, old tribal leader; xenophobe, angry
Elstuvian “Stu” am Vakarilithien M Elf Tall, lanky, scruffy hair, patchy beard, watery eyes Thorimfel Below Herald of the Court of the Whisper King; departed Material Plane
Death ?? ?? varies; presented as a teenaged girl with white skin and black hair the Shore Cosmological significance is unclear
Ginny Mjorndottir F Human lithe, red hair cut short, tattoos Spectacular Spectacular contortionist, twin to Janey, Keen’s ex-lover
Abel M Halfing dry wit, snide Spectacular Spectacular (deceased) Acrobat; Keen’s partner until his death. Claims to have invented coffee
Janey Mjorndottir F Human lithe, red hair cut short Spectacular Spectacular contortionist, twin to Ginny
Raffa Grinwind M Gnome thinning hair died black, van dyke goatee Spectacular Spectacular (deceased) Former Circus ringmaster, friend/mentor to Keen
Lord Blackwell M Lizardfolk Albino, white scales and red eyes. Dresses in fine silks El Qatra Leader of the Skink crime syndicate, headquartered at the Hierophant’s Decree tavern
“Handsome” Henry Smalls M Goliath 8ft tall, grey-skinned, bald; cracked, broken teeth all tipped in gold. Wears a tophat Spectacular Spectacular Succeeded Raffa as Ringmaster, works for the Skink
Whibraxis M Dragon (Copper) Adolescent, often presents as human with mixup of the party’s physical features Whitebridge Rescued by the party, assumed rule of Whitebridge
Belia F Human buxom and strong, curly red hair, practical Uman Proprietor of Lovers’ Lament; associate of Keen; neutral
Madame Elethi F Human late 80s, spry and sharp, silver hair, beautiful Uman Proprietor, M. Elethi’s Finishing School for Girls and Zandilar’s
Dalphin Pashtum F Human mid-30s, long black hair, dark eyes Uman Second wife of Orin Pashtum. Ruthless and paranoid
Orin Pashtum M Human early 80s, short grey hair, frail Uman Scion of House Pashtum, owner of Pashtum Bank. Rumoured to be senile.
Kadu F Half-dwarf (?) beggar woman, mid 60s Uman Almoner of the Court of the Whisper King; tends to disappear
Bartok Brescht M Half-orc late 50s, tall, broad-shouldered, thinning black hair, salt-and-pepper beard, large tusks, green eyes Uman Paladin of Woden, Captain-General of Uman City Watch, scion of House Brescht
Esme Margoleth F Elf Ancient, white hair, bun, doddering Uman (deceased) Late-life follower of Mimir, married to Solaufein; kind-hearted
Solaufein Margoleth M Drow Ancient, blue-grey skin Uman (deceased) wizard, married to Esme Margoleth
Jocin M Human late 20s, short brown hair, trim moustache and goatee Uman Guard of the Watch at Guard House 3, Uman 7th
Danta Kosht M Half-orc Dwarf green skin, thick black hair, black eyes, prominent tusks Uman crime lord, often at Darkmagic’s Hole, guarded by “2 Round” Johnny, a clockwork golem
Peaseblossom M Fey Giant bear-headed, goat-legged humanoid giant, covered in bristly brown fur Feywild Owner of the Hat of True Frog. Dim.
Panaver Knacklebun M Gnome Fastidious, overdressed, rapid speaker, prodigious mutton-chop beard Uman Proprietor, Panaver’s House of Adventuring Wisdom (couture adventuring gear)
Panaver Knacklebun M Gnome Obnoxious, refined, punctilious, thick black hair greased back Uman manager, Pashtum Bank
The Caretaker M Dwarf ancient, emaciated, long-limbed, head too big, bulbous white eyes. blind. Uman, Pashtum Bank Undercourt maintains security sytems, corporeal and otherwise
Mera Maryndottir F Aasimar claims to be daughter of the god Drahni. Tall, thin, long straight hair, possibly insane? Mudslide, Uman 7th leader of the Community of the Hearth
Met M Human wiry and gaunt, olive complexion, nasty cough Mudslide, Uman 7th Farmer, Community of the Hearth (formerly of Knacklebun Mines)
Adi M Human barrel-chested, broad-shouldered, built grey hair, 50s Mudslide, Uman 7th Blacksmith, Community of the Hearth