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Concerning the Akiiri Fist

What Magnus remembers of The True Historie of Orinanthi The Deceiver: Regarding the Sociopolitical Structure of the Elven Pentopolis With Collected Essays and Commentaries of an Illuminating Nature, by Lorithliani um Eleth, 2293 M.E.

El Akiir was the name given to a group of five Elven cities in the Last Age, united under the rule of King Orin, a mage of great power. Orin’s secret police were known as the Fist; a team of five warriors, one in each city, tasked with keeping the peace and protecting Orin’s rule. They operated with impunity, and specialized in espionage, assassination and undercover work.

Their identities were a closely guarded secret, even from each other, but through Orin’s power a Fist could identify any other as a fellow Fist simply by touch.

They ensured Orin’s rule for centuries until Aleh Xa, one of the Five, discovered the truth: Orin was really a green dragon named Orinanthi, and the Elves of El Akiir had been enslaved without even knowing it.

Aleh Xa set out to find the other Fists, and together they led a popular uprising.

DC 10 History Check

Each city was dedicated to a patron Elven diety, and Orin had placed the crown at the center of religious life, turning the Pentopolis into a theocracy. He ruled for centuries, slowly funnelling the wealth of the cities to the royal coffers, When the Fists rebelled, it fractured society along ideological lines, and civil war ensued.

In the end, Orinanthi was defeated in battle with the Five Fists, but the destruction was on such a scale that no trace of the dragon or the rebels was ever found. The cities were reduced to rubble, the Elves scattered, and the story of El Akiir passed into legend; after thousands of years it was all but forgotten.

DC 15 History Check
Eleth recorded every folk tale, legend and fragmented historical record about the Fist he could find, and concluded that in order to defeat Orinanthi, the Fist struck a bargain with some extra-planar power, and that bargain continues unchecked today: that the Fists continue to exist in some form, hidden from sight, possibly once again unknown to each other.
DC 20 History Check
Eleth believed that whenever a Fist dies, their soul is returned to Telisar by the strength of their pact with whatever power sustained them. He speculated that they may be reincarnated, a process he said would surely result in madness should it continue for millenia, or they may be “riding” in a host with a soul of its own; these hosts may not even be aware of the extra soul within them.