Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 14: Reap The Whirlwind

Still far underground in the Dissian Catacombs searching for Levani’s body, the party took a brief rest after their encounter with a mimic. They rummaged through the monstrosity’s small horde of treasure, taking a sizable stash of gold coins, and a large, heavy iron padlock and key. Yuna picked up a cloak that seemed to flutter of its own accord, but the party left behind a potion of flying.

Refreshed after their rest, the party was faced with an impenetrable set of metal doors blocking their way forward. Several attempts were made to dislodge or open them without success. At last, Yuna and Magnus discovered a large crank buried in the sand pit in the middle of the chamber. Turning the crank unlocked the doors; as they stepped through the party found themselves in a labyrinth. Their presence awoke a djinn, who conjured a whirlwind and created a massive swirling storm of sand, thunder and lightning. With the whirlwind in pursuit, the party raced through the maze, doing their best to dodge traps and obstructions and not get lost.

Slowed by a collapsed wall and confused by the maze, Yuna was consumed by the whirlwind; thus trapped and unable to break free the lightning nearly killed her, and it was only through her use of healing spells that she was able to withstand it.

Also unable to outrun the whirlwind, Magnus turned to face it, and was able to land one strike on the djinn before being swept up and carried aloft in the storm.

Ara, Keen and the discorporated Levani made their way through the maze, but were beset by sand mephits, which rose up out of the ground to attack the party. The devils were quickly dispatched, and Ara found a large iron flask in the arms of a skeleton, whose bones had been picked clean by a swarm of insects. He tried opening the flask, but to no effect.

Magnus broke free of the whirlwind and was able to catch up to the rest of the party. Seeing the flask, he realized it was meant to hold a creature prisoner and bind it to one’s will. He opened the flask and with an effort of will bound the djinn to it, sucking the creature into the flask. Thus the whirlwind was dispelled and Yuna saved.

Bruised, beaten and exhausted, the party risked a long rest before continuing deeper into the Catacombs. Leaving the labyrinth behind, they soon came upon a section of passageways Levani had visited before in her fateful encounter with Tak, the treacherous bard who first summoned her to Dis.

The party was briefly slowed by attempting to navigate a pit filled with acidic green goo, but thanks to Yuna manifesting her angel wings and Ara and Keen’s impromptu tumbling and parkour act, they were able to overcome it. Retracing her steps, Levani led the party to the very spot where Tak had sacrificed her to release a large gem from a magical enclosure. But instead of a gem, now it was Levanni’s still-living body that was trapped.

In gaining entrance to this final chamber, Magnus was caught in a mechanical wall puzzle and his ankle was crushed between slabs of stone. Keen was able to free him but not before Magnus sustained a serious injury. Using a few drops of blood from his mangled foot, Magnus dispelled the magic of the enclosure by activating the sacrifical altar, and released Levanni’s body, which fell to the ground.

Was the enclosure sustaining her body? In releasing the body from its prison has the party doomed Levanni to an eternity on the Ethereal Plane? Will they ever find Tak? And how will they escape from Hell?

Experimental Mini-Game Rating: Pretty not bad

Owlbear Pantomime Performance Rating: Inscrutable

Djinns in a Bottle: 1

Long-Term Injuries Sustained: 1

Levannis Recovered: 1

RP Rating: Awesome