Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 18: The High Cost Of Living

The party quietly made their way through the ironworks, narrowly escaping detection by several of the dozens of devils working there. The devils were engaged in the manufacture of a massive stockpile of weaponry formed out of some sort of iron alloy comprised of molten ore and some unknown substance added to it. A substance that let out hideous, shrieking screams as it was processed. The byproduct of the metallurgy seemed to be the same acidic green goop the party had encountered in the catacombs beneath the ironworks.

They made their way up a seemingly endless staircase at the back of the foundry, Ara and Yuna dragging Levani’s body in tow. Levani’s ethereal spirit passed undetected into an office and overheard a huge devil with horns and bat wings alternately berating a musclebound tiefling he referred to as Dog, and conversing with a human in black robes. There seemed to be some concern over delivery of a shipment being delayed. Eventually the human and the devil left the room via a portal that opened on the wall, which hung open after them.

Levani hurried back to her companions to relay this information. The party burst into the room just in time to see Dog close the portal using what Magnus identified as a planar crystal inserted into a controller. Not sure what else to do, Levani attacked the tiefling woman, setting her on fire and causing her to drop the crystal. Ara faced down Dog, taking two vicious punches from the musclebound woman but avoiding several more by instincts honed from years of martial training. Not able to subdue Ara quickly, Dog slammed a crystal into the controller and escaped.

Using the planar crystal for the Prime Material plane, the party finally escaped Dis. Unfortunately the portal opened in midair, and the party (except Yuna, who manifested her wings) slammed into the top of a coach and four. The cart was damaged beyond use, but Ara and Yuna were able to subdue the horses.

Taking a rest to recover from their harrowing ordeal, the party discussed how to close the portal, which still hung suspended several dozen feet off the ground. Levani considered going back through the portal to try and remove the crystal and get back out before the portal closed, but was worried about being trapped far from the Prime Material plane now that they had finally recovered her physical body and brought it back.

Levani beseeched Anansus, the trickster god who seems to have a vested interest in the party, for aid. To everyone’s surprise, Yuna received an answer in the form of hundreds of spiders coalescing out of the darkness of the woods, spiders which swarmed into the shape of an arrow pointing back at the portal. Levani’s ethereal form passed back through the portal. For some time nothing happened, and the remaining party members worried something had gone wrong, that Levani had been caught.

Suddenly, Levani’s physical body spontaneously combusted and she awoke screaming in agony, covered in flames. As Ara helped extinguish the flames Levani said “I’m back!” before passing out from the pain of some sort of psychic wound.

Yuna attempted some healing of one of the horses that had been caught in the flames, and a surge of divine energy poured through her, massively increasing the healing effect of the spell. The horse recovered completely, but Yuna fell to the ground exhausted.

As the sun set, Ara asked Aleh Xa, the ancestor spirit in his walking stick, to send a message to Banu, to tell the necromancer they had returned. Aleh Xa was unable to do so, but did respond to questions of a geographical nature, and the party learned they were a less than a day’s ride by horseback from Whitebridge. They elected to make camp for the night and make for the town in the morning.

Escapes From Hell: 1

Infernal Weapons Shipments Stopped: 0

Infernal Weapons Shipments Investigated: 0

Planeshift Portals Destroyed: 0

Divine Interventions: 1

Cost Of Divine Interventions: I’m sure it’s fine.

RP Rating: Awesome!