Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 29: Three Goblins and a Thief

Skaggark, Skaggit and Skarsgaard, referred to as the Three by the other goblins of the Black Tack tribe, attempted to bolster their defenses against the party with magical spells. Skaggark created a sticky web to restrain Magnus and seal off the window, and began to yell for help. Seeing this, Yuna attempted to negotiate and cast a calm emotions spell on the goblin druid but was resisted. Ara then snuck up behind Skaggark and attacked, and battle was quickly joined by all.

As Yuna, Ara and Magnus contended with the Three, Levani set a trap using her growing knowledge of Draconic runeforms in case the search party of goblins returned, and then attempted to flank the goblins by entering the front of the building. Unfortunately, she found it filled with traps and was gravely wounded in the process.

The Three used a variety of powerful spells to debilitate the party, but were no match for their combined efforts, and the battle was turning against them when a blue-skinned tiefling with broken horns appeared via dimension door and attacked the already-weakened Levani.

Using a strange fighting style that seemed almost like dancing, the tiefling slashed at Levani using folding hand-fans with sharp blades, the tips of which were dipped in some paralytic. When she struck Levani was paralyzed and slumped to the ground. Keen attacked the woman, recognizing her as the same one who had nearly killed him in Whitebridge several weeks before. But despite his efforts The strange woman was able to recover the Dragonhead coin from Levani’s pack and attempt to escape. As she did she unknowingly triggered Levani’s runeform trap, and a sphere of magical darkness sprang up, covering her movements; she was immediately lost to sight.

While the rest of the party contended with Levani’s assailant, Magnus quickly dispatched both Skaggark and Skarsgaard; left alone, Skaggit turned to run, but was pursued further inside the building by Magnus. Yuna attempted to convince Magnus via their telepathic link that they needed at least one goblin alive to learn the truth of why the party was abducted and who ordered it. It remains to be seen if Magnus can master his compulsion to complete his geas for the necromancer Banu at any cost, or if he will slay the only creature left who can give them the answers they need.

Plot Elements Converged: 4/??

Reusing Players' One-Shot Characters Against Them: Delightful

Tiefling Shadow Dancer Rating: Boss-level

RP Rating: Awesome!