Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 4: Daylight and And Distrust

After a long, plodding trek out of Greencrack Copper Mine’s excavation pit with a group of freed captives and one surly red-haired dwarven rogue, the party was forced to contend with a flesh golem, constructed out of the rotting carcasses of dead kobolds and summoned forth by an alarm, presumably raised by the kobold that escaped them in the previous battle.

Through judicious use of oil and flame, the golem, having gone berserk and uncontrollable, was brought to the brink of death, when in its madness it clobbered its winged kobold minder. With its dying breaths the kobold triggered some manner of magical explosion, which caught Magnus, Yuna and Ara all in its blast. It also caught the golem, which flew apart into chunks of quivering, still animate meat.

Though perilously close to death, the remaining party members, aided by Jules the rogue, were able to stablize the fallen. Before leaving, Ara pocketed a book that he found next to the kobold.

The party finally exited the mine into early afternoon on a crisp late summer day, and found themselves on the Thorimfel Plateau, a region far to the north of Telisar, nestled deep in the mountains beyond the city of Uman. Jules bade them farewell, with thanks, and led the freed prisoners toward the town of Whitebridge, most of a day’s travel south. The party moved a short ways into the forest to rest, and recouperate, many of them barely conscious.

While resting, unseen by everyone save Yuna, a swarm of tiny black spiders, moving as one in the shape of an eye, appeared to be observing them. When Yuna noticed this, the “eye” winked, and dispersed into the trees.

The party decided to make their way to Whitebridge, now a couple of hours behind the survivors, hoping to make it before morning. On the way they reflected on their experiences thus far, looking for reasons why they might have been targeted, and what unites them beyond circumstance. Questions were raised about the identity of the Seeker, the Flame, the Dragon and the Main Who Did Not Die, though no revelations seemed forthcoming, and nobody seemed ready to share.

As night fell and the party continued their journey to Whitebridge, a great, blinding, utterly silent explosion filled the sky; streaks of light crossed the darkness emanating outward, and the very Moon itself seemed to suffer some catastrophy, as deep black gashes appeared on its surface. A minute later the party, and indeed the countryside all around them was flattened by an emmense wave of explosive force descending from the heavens. The woods for miles around was shattered, and the party was thrown to the ground, Magnus’s bones all shattering in the process. The explosion now hangs in the sky, bathing the world in an eerie white light and long shadows.

Boss Battles Completed: 1

Death Saving Throws Failed: 4/6

Ancient Spell Tomes Discovered: 1

Spider Eyeball Rating: Huh?

Moons Cracked: 1