Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Ginny's Letter

A letter, written by Keen's lover and delivered unwittingly by Keen himself.
This message is encoded in Thieves Cant; click to decode.
Lord Blacktongue,

Regarding the debts of the Spectacular Spectacular, I can assure you Raffa speaks the truth when he tells your man there is nothing else to give (I have tossed his tent myself). I fear your investment in this band of miserable outcasts will come to little unless changes are made. Perhaps Mr. Smalls might find a way to capitalize where Raffa cannot? Say the word and we will arrange for the position of Ringmaster to be vacated.


PS: The bearer of this missive has skills most applicable to your enterprise -- quick fingered, an excellent cheat at cards and would excel at second-storey work. You will find him easily swayed to service by means of threats visited upon me, for I have seen to it that he has become quite taken with me. In truth he is a fool, and you can probably tell him whatever you like. Consider him a gift, a sign of mine and Janey's continued commitment to you. Assign him whatever value you judge fair and apply it against our debt.