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Inns and Taverns

Inns and Taverns in Telisar are named after the Major Arcana of the Tarot, for no reason other than it amuses me. Some establishments' names refer directly to figures from Telisaran myth and folklore, the context of which implies the Major Arcana connection. Listed locations are known to the players; undocumented locations they have not yet discovered.

Name Location Major Arcana
The Fool’s Errand South of Whitebridge 01 The Fool
Darkmagic’s Hole Uman (7th Level) 02 The Magician
Syf’s Bodice 03 The High Priestess
Freya' Delight 04 The Empress
The Emperor’s Horde 05 The Emperor
The Hierophant’s Decree El Qatra 06 The Hierophant
The Lovers' Lament Uman (6th Level) 07 The Lovers
Akaru’s Chariot 08 The Chariot
Mimir’s Lie 09 Justice
The Hermit’s Hideaway 10 The Hermit
The Cracked Wheel Eastriver; SW of El Qatra 11 Wheel of Fortune
Woden’s Sorrow 12 Strength
The Hanged Man’s Wink Whitebridge 13 The Hanged Man
The Knife and Lantern El Zikrin, Seller’s Quadrant 14 Death
Drahni’s Hearth El Zikrin, Homes Corners 15 Temperance
The Quasit’s Nip 16 The Devil
The Lich’s Tower 17 The Tower
The Wandering Star 18 The Star
The Moon’s Eye Long Drop 19 The Moon
The Fifth Sun 20 The Sun
Thorus and the Beggar Man 21 Judgement
The World’s End Uman (3rd Level) 22 The World