Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Levani’s Dream

The world around you goes black, and you feel the inky darkness spread across your skin, and crawl up your neck, cover your face, and begin to push into your eyes, your mouth, your nostrils. You instinctively gulp for air and pull more of the darkness inside you. You begin to panic as you feel your lungs filling, your chest burning inside, and the darkness binding your limbs. As you struggle, you see purplish black smoke emanate from the blackness; it is vaguely illuminated, and there is real terror in you now as you watch the smoke and the blackness wind around each other and take on the shape of a familiar face – your face – your golden eyes piercing the darkness. The face speaks, and you hear your own voice in your ears, saying “Trazjte ur Levani, trazjte ur flasch! Rashtek mar tu Levani! You burn, and I see your flame, and it will be MINE.” Your skin ignites, and your body is engulfed in searing flames, and the pain becomes absolute, all consuming.