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Myconids vs. Zombies

The Myconid colony is being threatened by zombies! Deurgar are marching on the Myconid central intelligence, controlled by parasitic fungi growing out of their brain stems. You must help defend the colony against this threat – withstand the zombie horde and the Myconids survive, be overrun before time runs out and the colony is destroyed.

The colony’s group consciousness perceives itself and its relation to the world in emotional terms, and has four facets that must be preserved: UNITY, PEACE, WONDER and JOY. Every round, zombies emerge from each of four tunnels to attack in groups. Each group will invoke one of ISOLATION, ANXIETY, FEAR and DESPAIR in the colony, disrupting its consciousness.

If all four emotions are overrun before time runs out the colony is destroyed and the group consciousness fades.

The colony is saved if at least one facet of the colony’s group consciousness is still healthy when time expires, or immediately if at any time you are able to destroy all the zombies currently on the field.

Every round, each group of zombies attacks a random PC. Any damage done to the PC also damages the colony’s corresponding emotion. The first time each emotion is overrun, the party suffers 1 point of exhaustion.

More zombies periodically appear in each group.

Since you have been subsumed into the colony’s group consciousness, your perception of these events is greatly altered, and you are only partially aware of your own actions as part of the colony. On your turn, you may CREATE an emotion (to strengthen the colony’s defenses), RESIST an emotion (to destroy zombies), or perform INTROSPECTION (to determine which emotions are most at risk).

CREATE UNITY/PEACE/WONDER/JOY. Describe a situation or memory in which you felt one of these emotions. Add 1d6 + your CHA bonus to the colony’s emotion score. The DM may grant you inspiration for the roll depending on your description – the more evocative, the more revelatory the story, the deeper the RP, the more dice you get to roll. The more positive emotion the colony has, the more it can withstand attacks from zombies.

RESIST ISOLATION/ANXIETY/FEAR/DESPAIR. Defend the colony using your regular actions and bonus actions in combat. Attacks are limited to zombies in one group, which you must declare at the start of your turn. Area affects target all zombies in that group.

INTROSPECTION. Focus the colony’s perception on the tension between UNITY and ISOLATION, PEACE and ANXIETY, WONDER and FEAR, and JOY and DESPAIR. The DM will reveal to you which is most at risk for the colony, and grants you 1d6 inspiration. You can use this inspiration on your next CREATE or RESIST action, or gift it immediately to another player for them to use. Optionally, you may also roll a WIS (perception) check to ask additional questions about the current circumstances.