Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Raven Steals Time

A Myth of the Su'krash Dragonborn

When there is no time, Raven lives in the stars
Raven listens to the Gods’ stories of Telisar
Raven loves the stories, and watches the First People
But Raven is young, and the young are capricious

Raven comes down from the stars
What is this? Raven asks
This is magic, answers Syf, I create it
What is this? Raven asks
This is love, answers Freya, I create it
What is this? Raven asks
This is justice, answers Woden, I create it
I wish to make things also! declares Raven
Foolish bird, says Mimir, what can you make?
The gods laugh, and Raven flies away

Raven flies across the Sea Of Chaos, to Greipani
Greipani sits, perched on her treasure box
Atop a mountain of gold
Her devils bringing endless tribute
Hello, Green Sister! calls Raven
Hello Anansus, for I know it is you, says Greipani
You are very clever, answers Raven, but not so clever as me
Foolish bird, says Greipani, there are none cleverer than me
A contest, then! says Raven
Very well, says Greipani, What is the game?
The first to trick Angrochinach’s sapphire from her clutches
  must surely be the most clever, says Raven

Angrochinach has a sapphire the size of a Roc’s egg
She taunts her sisters with it and prizes it above all else
Greipani most of all, who has no sapphires, only gold

Greipani laughs, I know just how to do it! and flies off
But Raven does not follow, Raven has tricked Greipani
Raven opens Greipani’s treasure box and steals Time

Raven returns to the gods
This is Time, cackles Raven, I create it! Hah!
Foolish bird, now stories will have an end, says Mimir
The First People will to grow old and die, says Thorus
For Time contains an ending to all things
And Raven wept for his foolishness.