Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

The Offerings

A locked door deep inside the Forest of Stars requires appropriate tributes to open...

Arranged in a half-circle before you are five stone bowls each 2ft in diameter and 6 inches deep and resting upon a low stone plinth. Into the stone of each plinth is carved the names of five prominent Dragonborn dieties in Draconic. From left to right, they read:

  • Mim-ra-Teloc
  • Frei-ya-Narlotec
  • Wod-em-Coatlec
  • Toru-sa-Matec
  • Syf-ur-Potec

The first three bowls are empty. In the forth bowl rests the small skeleton of a bird, glowing with a faint blue luminescence. In the fifth rests a dried twig of holly, its leaves brown and cracked.

Behind these bowls rises the stone cliff. At its base a deep alcove perhaps 15 feet high and 5 feet wide has been carved. Its interior is obscured by darkness.