Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

The Signpost

A tall, roadside signpost not far from the Wendell's Rock with many, many wooden arrows pointing all directions. The top-most sign reads 'Warning! Locations subject to change.'

The various arrows read:

  • Wendell’s Rock
  • Amouradiath
  • Vakaralithien
  • The Shifting Sands
  • Incessant Babbling
  • The Teeth That Look Like Rocks
  • The Crystal Palace of Enduring Sadness
  • Perfectly Normal House
  • Draconia But Not The One You’re Thinking Of
  • Shimmers
  • You Are Here
  • The Death of Stars
  • Horseman’s Regret
  • The Freeling Hideaway
  • Cliffs of Insanity
  • Certain Doom
  • Uncertain Doom
  • Too-Bright Woods
  • Rillifane’s Respite
  • Florin
  • The Dream of a Thousand Cats
  • It’s a Secret to Everyone
  • The Swamp Where It Is Isn’t!
  • The Quiet Fields
  • Siisior