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What Levani Tells You

A description of Levani's adventures since leaving the party...

The Trazjte ur Flasch (“The Burning Truth”), is a tiefling cult started by Rashtek, a necromancer seeking to become a lich. They took Levani when she was a child and raised her. When Levani learned of Rashtek’s true intent and that the cult was sacrificing non-tiefling children, she ran. She was recaptured by agents of the cult reporting to T’Zian, Rashtek’s chief lieutenant. Levani elected to remain and try to take the cult down from the inside. She began ingratiating herself to T’Zian in an attempt to get closer to Rashtek.

Her plan worked. It took nearly a year, but T’Zian eventually confided in her that something had changed with the cult in the time since she had first run; Rashtek’s orders had shifted from kidnapping and sacrificing children to raids on Uman and El Astrum, retrieving artifacts and allies of power. This culminated in an attack on Uman that freed a number of prisoners on the night of the First of the Fox. Levani framed T’Zian as a traitor to Rashtek and killed him, and talked her way into Rashtek’s presence. That was when she learned that the tiefling necromancer “Rashtek” was a fiction, and the Trazjte ur Flasch was really under the command of Alastair Aleph, a human wizard.

She quietly continued to gather information about the cult. She learned that over a year ago Aleph came under the influence of some Abyssal lord, and all the cult’s recent activities have been in pursuit of this lord’s agenda. In return, Aleph’s power has grown tremendously, allowing him to astrally project, create dimensional portals, and possess and dominate others.

Aleph’s purpose in the Feywild was to gather eight tieflings descended from a particular bloodline for use in a ritual. Levani doesn’t know much about the bloodline or what makes them special, but she knows that Aleph brokered a deal with the Queen of Winter to gather these tieflings and keep them hidden until preparations were ready.

The portal through which three of the tieflings escaped led to a dungeon in Hunt’s Glory, the Enigma of the Absolute’s keep. In the dungeon there is a planar gate constructed by Alastair Aleph leading you’re not sure where, but you know that a tiefling was slain in order to create it, and only tieflings of this particular bloodline may pass through it.

Alastair Aleph needed a physical presence in the Feywild but didn’t want to risk his own, so he possessed Levani and then planeshifted her to Hunt’s Glory. Her task was to escort the tieflings from the Queen’s Table back to Hunt’s Glory, and then through the planar gate.