Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Yi-na-Hotep and The Five Suns

The First Land has 5 suns in the sky. Each day they are rising together and they are scorching the land. They are withering crops; they are killing the herds; they are creating great hardship for the People.

The archer, Yi-na-Hotep, she is living in a cave in the mountains with her mate Cha-na-Kotek the Hunter. The suns are sleeping at night; so Yi-na-Hotep and Cha-na-Kotek they are hunting at night. But Yi-na-Hotep is an archer, and though she is the greatest archer of the People, she is not hunting well at night.

Yi-na-Hotep she does not go to bed. She is standing at the cave entrance and is she watching the moon go to bed, beyond the ridge. Cha-na-Kotek he is worrying and he is saying to Yi-na-Hotep “come to bed,” but Yi-na-Hotep she is stringing her bow, and she is saying “Cha, my Love, tonight I am hunting, but the First People are not night-hunting again.” And Yi-na-Hotep is stepping from the cave.

“You are being a fool!” Cha-na-Kotek is yelling from the darkness, but Yi-na-Hotep is not hearing him; Yi-na-Hotep is climbing the moonlit stair to the very top of their mountain. Yi-na-Hotep is reaching the top of the ridge just as the Moon is setting.

Yi-na-Hotep, she is sitting; she is waiting.

The First Sun is rising. Yi-na-Hotep she is standing in long shadow, and from the ground is pulling her first arrow. Yi-na-Hotep is sighting along the shaft; the First Sun is burning her eyes, but Yi-na-Hotep is not faltering, and she is releasing her arrow straight into the heart of the First Sun. The First Sun is extinguishing; falling from the sky.

Black spots are swirling in Yi-na-Hotep’s eyes. She is sitting; she is waiting.

The Second Sun is rising. Yi-na-Hotep is shooting it down also, though it is burning her eyes.

The Third Sun is rising, brighter than its brothers, and is raging with harsh light, but Yi-na-Hotep she is not faltering, and her arrow is piercing its heart, and the Third Sun is falling from the sky also.

Once more Yi-na-Hotep is sitting.

The Fourth Sun is rising, and Yi-na-Hotep is missing her fourth shot, so blinding is its light. But with her fifth, her final arrow Yi-na-Hotep is striking true. But the Fourth Sun is burning away the last of her vision, and darkness is falling.

Yi-na-Hotep is sitting, blinded, as Zhulong the Fifth Sun is rising, and his gentle light is warming her face. Zhulong is grieving his fallen brothers, but Yi-na-Hotep is so impressing Zhulong with her skill that he is granting her immortality for her prowress.

Yi-na-Hotep is waiting until nightfall, when the Moon is rising and revealing the moonlit stair. Cha-na-Kotek is climbing the stair and finding Yi-na-Hotep atop the ridge. Though he is begging her to stay, Yi-na-Hotep is saying she would rather live forever alone than suffer the torment of never again seeing her beloved Cha-na-Kotek’s face. And Yi-na-Hotep is ascending into the sky, her silver scales are glinting in the moonlight, and she is choosing the Moon for her eternal domain, and Cha-na-Kotek is being left alone as the first snows of winter are falling.

Cha-na-Kotek is founding the Temple of the Moon on that spot, and is worshipping Yi-na-Hotep, the Silver Lady, for the remainder of his life. The People are hunting at day, and the herds are running under the warm light of Zhulong, and the Land is thriving. But Cha-na-Kotek, in his sorrow, is never hunting again.

And this is why the People are saying when you are sad, you are having moonlight in your eyes.