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Yi-na-Hotep Shames the Gods

A story, carved into stone pillars deep in the inner sanctum of the Temple of the Moon...

There are still no suns in the sky. The Land is still dark, and the People are still living in darkness.

The Five Tribes of the People are saying to the Gods, “The crops are not growing during the day! We cannot be hunting during the day!” For five days the People are praying to the gods, but the gods are not answering.

Proud Tek-zhu-Long, he is saying to the gods, “If you are not giving us the sun, then I am sacrificing myself for the People.” So Tek-zhu-Long is sacrificing himself and rising into the sky to become the sun. But the gods, they are angry at Tek-zhu-Long, for his sacrifice is prideful and for the glory of Tek-zhu-Long only, so they are making him Five Suns instead, and the land is scorching.

Humble Yi-na-Hotep, she is being a rabbit to sleep through the scorching days in her burrow. For many days she is sleeping, but on the 10th day she is hungry, and so she is also praying to the gods.

For 10 days the Tribes are praying with Yi-na-Hotep. But the People are turning their backs on the gods, for the People are proud, saying “The gods are not listening to us, so we are not speaking to them!”

Yi-na-Hotep is praying to the gods still. On the fifteenth day of her vigil the gods, they are so shamed by Yi-na-Hotep’s humility that they are making Tek-zhu-Long just one sun, not five, and they are making Yi-na-Hotep the moon, immortal.