Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Campaign Timeline

Date Event
3.2805.1.37 Magnus Burns His Research
3.2805.1.43 Magnus Enters Servitude At The library
3.3132.7.41 Ara Enters The Temple Of Rillifane
3.3175.2.12 Ara Leaves The Temple
3.3184.3.23 A.'. A.'. Assumes Control of Trazjte Ur Flasch
3.3203.2.06 Keen Joins The Spectacular Spectacular
3.3204.6.13 Ara Encounters The Skink In Riverbend
3.3204.8.12 Levani Meets Yuna
3.3205.3.36 Levani Leaves The Trazjte Ur Flasch
3.3205.5.08 Keen Recruited By The Skink
3.3206.5.05 El Astrum Public Library Destroyed
3.3206.5.08 Black Tack Goblin Tribe Discovers Residium Deposit
3.3206.5.44 Keen Leaves The Spectacular Spectacular
3.3206.6.24 Magnus Leaves The Spectacular Spectacular
3.3206.6.35 Yuna Leaves Home
3.3206.6.41 Campaign Start
3.3206.6.41 Black Tack Goblin Tribe Kidnaps The Party
3.3206.6.43 REDACTED
3.3206.6.43 Explosion In The Sky
3.3206.6.43 Party Escapes The Greencrack Copper Mine
3.3206.6.45 Party Locates Anthol The Younger
3.3206.8.10 Black Tack Goblin Tribe Attacks Whitebridge
3.3206.8.10 Party Escapes The Feywild
3.3206.8.10 Levani Summoned To Dis By Tak
3.3206.8.10 Tak Recovers Dissian Soul Prism
3.3206.8.11 The Party Enters Dis
3.3206.8.12 The Party Exits The Catacombs
3.3206.8.12 The Party Exits Dis; Levani Returned To Her Body
3.3206.8.13 Keen Recovers Shard Of The Heart Of Bahamut
3.3206.8.13 The Party Arrive At The Fool’s Errand
3.3206.8.14 The Party Begins Searching For The Temple Of The Moon
3.3206.8.15 REDACTED
3.3206.8.17 The Party Reaches The Temple Of The Moon
3.3206.8.18 Yuna Meets Yi-Na-Hotep
3.3206.8.20 The Party Arrives At The Stone Forest
3.3206.8.20 The Party Enters The Underdark
3.3206.8.21 Hobgoblins Attack Whitebridge
3.3206.8.21 The Party Discover Low Thorimfel
3.3206.8.22 The Party Defends The Myconid Colony
3.3206.8.24 The Party Locates The Residium Deposit
3.3206.8.24 The Party Battles The Three
3.3206.8.24 The Dragonhead Stolen
3.3206.8.25 The Party Kills And Resurrects Magnus
3.3206.8.25 The Party Returns To Whitebridge
3.3206.8.27 The Party Is Reunited With Jules
3.3206.8.29 The Liberation Of Whitebridge
3.3206.8.30 The Party Travels To Uman
3.3206.8.31 Levani Captures Tak
3.3206.8.31 Levani Rejoins The Trazjte Ur Flasch
3.3206.8.31 Sirlius Joins The Party
3.3206.8.31 The Party Befriends Peaseblossom
3.3206.8.32 Henry Smalls Activates A Contract On Keen
3.3206.8.33 The Party Climbs The Fools Pass (Uman)
3.3206.8.33 The Party Recovers The Dragonhead
3.3206.8.34 The Party Encounters The Lady Of The Hearth
3.3206.8.34 The Party Enters Knacklebun’s Mine
3.3206.8.35 The Party Are Trapped In A Jungle
3.3206.8.35 Whisper Joins The Party
3.3206.9.01 The Party Escape The Jungle
3.3206.9.01 Keen Recovers Second Shard Of The Heart Of Bahamut
3.3206.9.03 Yuna Captures The Lady Of The Hearth
3.3206.9.04 Keen Slain By Stonebreaker Spiders
3.3206.9.05 Keen Resurrected By Arminius
3.3207.1.01 Uman Invaded By Demons
3.3207.1.02 The Party Slays Madame Elethi
3.3207.1.03 The Party Meets Reva Soonrop
3.3207.1.03 The Party Raids Madame Elethi’S Vault
3.3207.1.04 The Party Rescues The Mad Mage From Gozer The Gozerian
3.3207.1.05 The Party Faces The Umani Tribunal
3.3207.1.05 The Party Enters The Forest Of Stars
3.3207.1.06 The Party Encounters Nettie Blackfingers
3.3207.1.07 The Party Meets The Zu Yexa Keso
3.3207.1.08 The Party Enters The Feywild
3.3207.1.08 The Party Discovers The Freeling Hideaway
3.3207.1.08 Ara Becomes Rillifane’s Champion
3.3207.1.08 The Party Eat Some Blackberries
3.3207.1.08 The Party Infiltrate The Heart Of Winter
3.3207.1.08 The Party Defeats Dreams Made Flesh
3.3207.1.08 The Party Is Reunited With Levani
3.3207.1.08 Keen Recovers Third Shard Of The Heart Of Bahamut
3.3208.1.24 The Party Returns To The Material Plane
3.3208.1.25 Today