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Gelatinous Dracolich

Gelatinous Dracolich
Huge beast, lawful evil

For time uncounting the great peak darkened the Feywild skies not with ash but unending blizzards of snow and sleet. The mountain slope flowed with rivers of frigid gelatinous ice in a bizarre geology obeying rules no mortal has ever delved. Mab collapsed the peak into a caldera, trapping the ice beneath a thousand thousand tonnes of rock and thereupon constructed her Palace of Ice, naming the seat of her power the Heart of Winter.

With the violent eruptions sealed away, slow-moving rivers of ice cut a maze of twisting arteries through the Heart. More than once forces of Summer have sought to steal into this labyrinth from the outside and make the perilous climb into the Palace of Ice unseen, but none have succeeded. For it is said that even should one survive the unnatural cold, avoid the fearsome creatures that dwell therein, and climb to the very summit, one must contend with the Wellspring, a great cavern and the source of the gelatinous ice at the centre of the mountain. It is there where rests the corpse of a dragon, its bones picked clean by the living ice. But though it died long ago, the evil wyrm’s stubborn consciousness refused to yield, instead twisting and corrupting the ice into a parody of its draconic form. The gelatinous dracolich lies now in eternal sleep at the foot of Mab’s palace amongst the Wellspring’s great pools of liquid ice, and woe be unto any Knight of Summer who would seek to face it.