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Draconic Runecasting

Draconic Runecasting
1st Level Enchantment

The Dragonborn of Telisar had a highly advanced magical tradition millenia before others. Runecasting consists of the arrangement of individual runes into complex forms that focus and channel raw magical energies into coherent spells. The complete system is referred to as the Book of Runes, and is a closely guarded secret amongst the First People. However, should a sorcerer of draconic descent gain access to the Book, either by careful study or reckless experimentation the wisdom of this tradition might be harnessed.

Dragonborn children are often gifted the Book of Runes, a complete set of illustrated runes, each one etched and painted onto a 3x3" glass tile, and given instruction in their use by combining and stacking the tiles to study completed glyphs of power safely. The Book is also used in a variety of leisure games, much as the younger races use cards, though little of the particulars are known outside the First People.