Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game


Tiefling Shadow Dancer

A graduate of Madame Elethi’s Finishing School For Girls, Sabetha (she/her) is a refined, educated and brilliant woman. A gifted dancer, she performs often at Zandilar’s, the club and casino owned by Madame Elethi. She is also rumoured to be Elethi’s most trusted lieutenant: a dangerous and capable assassin, tracker and spellcaster so feared that much of Madame Elethi’s reputation as a woman not to be crossed may be attributed to her having Sabetha at her command.

Sabetha is a blue-skinned tiefling standing 5'10" with long, powerful legs, slim, muscular torso and graceful neck. Her tail is longer than average, and thinner, almost whip-like. Her eyes, intelligent and piercing, are grey/red. Her snow-white hair is spiky, longer on top than at the back and falls slightly forward to partially obscure two forward-inclined horns, each roughly broken at about 6" of length. An old wound of significance, it would be unwise to question her regarding them. Her demeanour is that of a coiled snake, ready to strike: deadly calm, wary, and confident. Beautiful though she is, it is said that Sabetha’s smile is terrible, like a lioness contemplating her next meal. A mystique no doubt aided by being mute; Sabetha never speaks aloud, but communicates – when she chooses to do so at all – with telepathy alone.

A gifted spellcaster, Sabetha perfers to work from the shadows using misdirection and subterfuge, resorting to open combat only when necessary. Sabetha’s signature weapons are a pair of matched fighting fans, each ribbed with steel and extending to a 2" point beyond the white paper edge. When collapsed the ribs align into a pronged stabbing weapon; open the fans are vicious slashing weapons which she uses to deadly effect in close-quarters combat, her movements equal parts dancer and martial artist. She wears assassin’s leather died a deep indigo, almost black.

As mysterious and deadly as she is, those lucky enough to see Sabetha dance on stage at Zandilar’s often remark on the great emotional depth of her performance, which silently conveys an ennui, a melancholy so profound as to leave audiences in tears.