Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 10: Bone Thug and Goblinry

Failing to successfully avoid a confrontation, the party – with the aging and mostly ineffectual wizard Anthol the Younger, and without the missing Levani – took the fight to the camp, slaying several hobgoblins and preparing to face down several more, when a monstrous, giant insectoid creature made of polished bone emerged from the darkness, eviscerating the hobgoblins. Magnus and Ara engaged the bone devil but found their mundane weaponry of little use against the creature. Magnus fell before its vicious attacks, but was revived by Yuna, whose spell sickness was causing unpredictable changes in her spell casting – now causing spells to fail, now bolstering her health, now quickening her actions allowing for multiple spells at once. The creature mocked the party, rejoicing in its freedom and promising to lay waste to the world. Whether this was mere boast or deadly threat was unclear.

Meanwhile, a seething mass of goblinoids was still laying siege to the north gate of Whitebridge. The town militia held the palisade and the north gate, but the goblin archers rained arrows covered in burning pitch down on the town, and the shear force of the horde’s numbers left little doubt that the town would soon be overrun.

Unable to even slow the bone devil, the party eventually retreated, with Keen setting the goblin camp’s makeshift tents alight in an attempt to distract. The infernal monster seemed uninterested in pursuing, and instead turned its attention to the goblin horde, a more plentiful meal and presumably less frustrating than the wily and confounding elven monk. The bone devil slammed into the goblin host, unstoppable as hundreds of goblins broke off their attack of the town gates to try and put the devil down. Soon the horde was in complete disarray, with as many goblins fleeing as attemping to break through the gates before being destroyed by the rampaging bone devil.

Thus engaged, neither the goblin host nor the bone devil saw the party make its way around the perimeter to the east, looking for an opportunity to sneak into town and get to a temple for assistance. Unfortunately, as soon as they rounded the corner of the town walls they spied a group of hobgoblins already with grappling gear and ropes with purchase, climbing up and over the walls to enter the town unseen.

During these events, the party shared two strange experiences – the first, each of the party members briefly felt the sensation of being stabbed in the chest, accompanied by a burning sensation on their skin where they had been injected with some blue poison weeks before. Stranger still, the party began to hear each other’s thoughts in their head. Yuna seemed to quickly master control of this ability, but the others so far seem unable to keep their thoughts private.

Devils Released From An Extra Planar Prison: 1

Party members missing: 1

Number of Rounds The DM Forgot To Run His Wizard NPC: All Of Them

Party Rating: Awesome