Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 11: It’s Only The End of The Worlds Again

Levani found her discorporated spirit standing on the shores of a black sea, on a beach of black sand under a sky of night. There she was nearly consumed by Rashtek, a lich whose blood pact, the Trajzte ur Flasch, is powered by the souls of tieflings forcibly ejected from their bodies at the moment of death and then consumed.

Rashtek was interrupted and dismissed by an entity who described himself as Anansus, whose aspect was variously an elderly tiefling man, a vast, horizon-spanning black dragon and an immense flock of ravens. Anansus informed Levani that Bahamut, the Platinum Queen of All Creation, had been slain, and that Her death caused a massive explosion across all planes of existence – this was the explosion that rent a great tear in the skies over Telisar, and was indeed also visible in the Feywild.

Anansus further charged Levani with a quest to “Save the Multiverse,” which he claimed was in danger of collapsing in on itself as a result of the damage. To do this, Levani and her friends must collect the pieces of Bahamut’s body and rejoin them, that She could be reborn and repair the damage. Anansus then sent her spirit hurtling through the Ethereal plane, where it intersected the Prime Material plane; she discovered the rest of the party fleeing from the bone devil, which having broken the goblin siege and now covered in mangled, impaled corpses, was rampaging through the streets of Whitebridge.

The party, exhausted and spent from multiple battles was attempting to reach the Temple of Syf, seeking aid against the infernal monster. A pitched, running battle ensued with Ara flinging himself directly into the path of the bone devil, and Levani’s spirit, still bound to the Ethereal plane but able to interact with the Prime Material, causing the devil to spontaneously combust. Unable to stop their foe the party looked to be overtaken when Anthol the Elder, Masym, Holy Mother of Syf and a third arrived on the scene. Together with the party they halted the devil, stood it down and eventually banished it back to the Nine Hells.

The party soon learned that Anthol’s companion was Adeptus Practicus Banu, formerly of the El Astrum Public Library, and known to Magnus. Banu, seeing the blue marks on Yuna’s skin, led the party to the Hanged Man’s Wink tavern, where he quickly dissected one of the blue-skinned hobgoblins, and pulled from its heart a sliver of blue crystal, which he called residium.

Ara, meanwhile, was assisting the Whitebridge militia in putting out the remaining fires that still burned at the north end of town, the result of the goblin horde’s repeated volleys.

It was revealed that the party had been injected with some sort of refined, liquidated residium, and that it was responsible for several strange effects, including the psychic bond developing between the party members, their apparent ability to instinctually locate one another, and even transporting some of them across great distances, back to the source crystal. Further, the goblins have been manufacturing hobgoblins by somehow corrupting humans with residium crystals.

Hearing this unlocked a piece of Magnus’s memory – he realized that as a young man some 400 years ago he was obsessed with residium, and uncovering its secrets. This obsession is what led him to the Library, and eventually his enslavement there. He also realized that he was not as free as he thought he was at the destruction of the Library, as the slightest request of Banu’s, a former library Adeptus, compelled Magnus to obey.

Levani’s spirit was able to make contact with the party by using broken glass to etch messages into the wooden floorboards of the tavern, and thus it was that the party learned Levani had been killed, and her remains now lay somewhere in the city of Dis, in the Nine Hells. Banu believed he could restore Levani’s spirit to her body, but first they would need to collect it.

The party settled in for a long rest, preparing to somehow find their way to the Nine Hells and rescue Levani.

Player Hauntings: 1

Jilted Liches: 1

Anthol Ratings: Effective

Magnus’s True Age: 400+

Player Ratings: Awesome