Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 12: The Shield of Whitebridge

Morning in Whitebridge brought the party a much-needed rest. During his meditation, however, Ara dreamt of an encounter with Aleh Xa Akiir, an eldery elven woman who claimed to be both his ancestor and childhood friend, from a city also called Akiir. The city was the ancient home of Elves on Telisar, or so she claimed, and was destroyed in the Cataclysm Of Ice, long ago.

Aleh Xa told Ara his “holy quest” was more important now than ever, and that he must “reunite the Five-Fold Path of the Akiiri Fist.” The five Fists are hidden somewhere in Telisar; Ara is to seek them out. The first is the Fist Of The North Wind. Ara and Aleh Xa sparred in the dream, and in the end Aleh Xa decided to accompany Ara in his quest.

Awakening from his meditative trance, Ara found his walking stick now had a wisp of blue energy around one end, and is possessed by the spirit of Aleh Xa.

The party left the Hanged Man’s Wink, whereupon Ara was mobbed by residents of the town, who praised him for standing down the Bone Devil, calling him Master Ara and The Shield Of Whitebridge.

Keen stole a corn muffin.

The procession proceeded through town to Anthol’s Amazing Arcana. In gratitude for saving Anthol the Younger from the fairy ring, Anthol the Elder allowed the party to take their pick of the many wonderous artifacts he had collected over a lifetime of adventuring. Keen selected a rapier called the Punisher, a slightly longer than standard rapier with a guard of spun steel in the shape of a grinning troll face. Yuna selected a shirt of mithril chain with cold-resistance properties. Magnus finally replaced his axes with a matched pair of silvered throwing hatchetts. Levani, looking for something to help her communicate in the material world, found a carved wooden owlbear toy with posable ears, eyebrows and mouth.

Nicely equipped, the party next led Banu to the outskirts of town, to the very spot Levani had been summoned to the Nine Hells. Banu opened a portal using the residual magical energies of the summoning circle, but the portal was unstable, and instead of arriving at the spot where Levani found herself when summoned by Tak, the party was dropped into the blistering red sands of the plains outside the Iron City of Dis. Unsure of where they were, but sure of the location of Levani’s body thanks to their psychic link, the party began walking towards the city. Near the shores of the horrific lake of liquid flesh from which the city emerges, Levani’s spirit found a staircase that led hundreds of feet down into the darkness. The staircase ended in a labyrinth of catacombs that extend far under the lake.

Paths Of the Akiiri Fist: 5, apparently

Wooden Owlbear Surrogates: 1

Lake Of Lemures: Gross

RP Rating: Awesome