Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 13: The Reticulated Glowing Wooden Owlbear and the Mimic

With Levani’s floating owl bear leading the way, the party descended deep into the catacombs under the Iron City of Dis, in an attempt to recover Levani’s body and restore her soul. They found themselves moving through a series of traps and puzzle rooms. Magnus, having noticed some thieves cant on the wall, inadvertently triggered one such trap, and the party was thrown down shafts into a pit full of undead, from which ghastly, ghoulish hands rose up and attempted to pull them under, tearing and rending. The mass of undead was held at bay by the party’s cleric, Yuna, while Levani’s discorporated spirit on the ethereal plane harnessed the power of the Schipuk ur Flasch (“Burning Spirit”), an element of her blood curse, and set them ablaze. The remaining undead were dispatched by Magnus, Ara and Keen. During the fight Keen realized his new blade, the Punisher, was capable of inflicting psychic damage on its targets if it heard a pun at the moment of striking. This led to pointed attempts to pierce the veil of comedy, with rapier wit and cunning ripostes.

The party escaped the pit of undead (which revealed Yuna’s angelic wings to Magnus for the first time) only to find themselves in a locked room, with their desired exit blocked by metal doors barred on the opposite side. Levani once again harnessed her ethereal powers to whip a sizable quantity of sand into a spinning buzzsaw blade and cut most of the way through the wooden timber barring the doors, which Magnus was then able to break through.

It was then that Keen, enticed by the promise of riches, tried to pick the lock on a mimic. The party vanquished the foe, but as they stood catching their breath Ara and Keen could hear a low buzzing noise from the next room, the sound of thousands and thousands of insects, growing steadily louder.

Puns Delivered: One and a half, maybe

Mimics: It wasn’t even trying, I mean, a treasure chest?

Rules the DM forgot: Oh gods, the dodge action after turn undead, the homebrew spell sickness that should have had the cleric at 1 point of exhaustion the whole time, the swarm of corpses was supposed to have multiattack, I mean what didn’t I forget more like, amirite?

Reticulating Glowing Wooden Owl Bear Communique Rating: Surprisingly nuanced

RPing: Awesome