Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 1: Grabbed!

Magnus, Yuna and Levani are each assaulted by a pack of goblins that appear out of thin air. They are injected with some sort of paralytic, and black out.

They awake on a cart, being delivered up a dirt path towards a cavern cut into the side of a miles-long rock wall made of dirty white stone. Inside the cavern they are transferred to the custody of Kobolds, who bring them through a pair of huge metal doors into a large facility and thrown into prison cells, where they encounter Ara and Keen, already imprisoned. They are stripped of their possessions save for a single dagger Levani deftly tosses through the prison bars to Keen.

Through a combination of trickery, cajoling and threats, the party convinces the kobold minding the prison cells, one Dreck, to release them. Dreck leads them down a long hallway towards “the armory,” where their possessions have been taken. Along the way they pass a closed pair of metal doors, from which emanates a strong stench of rot and decay.

Magnus releases the terrified Dreck, who disappears, and the party make their way down a long, pitch-black corridor of what seem to be living quarters. Ara stumbles into one room, awakening three sleeping kobolds. The party quickly dispatches the three without waking anyone else, with a combination of luck and quick thinking.

During their escape from the prison cells, the party was getting advice from a voice in one of the other cells. As they progress further into the interior of the facility Yuna realizes that whoever they were talking to is not with them, and in fact nobody saw the speaker at all.

The party now stand over the bodies of the three slain kobolds at the end of the dark corridor, at the end stands an arch. Beyond, there is a low flicker of light.

Enemies slain: 3

Parkour Maneuvers: 1

Stealth Rating: Lucky

Failed Cart Escapes: 1

Light Sources Discovered: 0