Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 2: Sick Lizards And Bug Baskets

The party, shaken from their unexpected encounter, take a moment to compose themselves. Keen takes the fallen Kobolds’ daggers, and Yuna, feeling strangely euphoric, pockets a handful of ashes from the Kobold she incinerated. Keen and Magnus discuss how it seemed almost too easy to dispatch these foes, when suddenly Magnus tenses, clutches his neck and disappears.

Levani, still disguised as a Kobold, leads the party through the hallway, where they briefly investigate the kitchens before descending a long, dark stairwell deep into the bedrock below ground. At the base of the staircase the party is discovered by a pair of Kobold guards, who find Levani’s arcane disguise unconvincing and are quickly defeated. Ara sees that these Kobolds are sick: pale, jaundiced and weak. Yuna reduces the remaining bodies to ashes for reasons?

The party discover a huge treasure vault of Dwarven manufacture, emptied. In the back wall Keen discovers a secret door designed as an escape hatch, leading up, and is prepared to leave, but the party convinces him to stay while they continue to search for their belongings, which they find in the “Armory,” which is little more than a storage room full of mining equipment and random dwarven housewares. Their money and their weapons, however, are still missing.

The party descends deeper underground, following a tunnel broken through the stone walls and into the earth. A basket of giant centipedes drops on them from a hidden recess in the ceiling, and after a brief but deadly encounter, the party decides to reverse course back to the vault and secure themselves there to rest, and ponder the fate of Magnus Stairwell.

Traps Disarmed: 0

Daggers Returned: 1

Passwords Discovered: 1

Paranoia Rating: Awesome