Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 3: Daggers And Dreams

Holed up in an empty treasure vault, the party risks a rest to recover their strength and heal. Not long into their rest Magnus discovers them, though bloodied and near death himself. Magnus begins inspecting his wounds, and scraping some spores off. He stuffs something slightly glowing (moss? lichen?) into the larger wounds and binds that into place. It doesn’t look particularly well done. They party has a brief discussion about what might have led to their goblin captors to choose them in particular, but no answers are yet forthcoming.

During their rest Levani, Keen and Ara each have disturbing, unsettling dreams, though none of them choose to share the particulars with their companions.

The party wakes to sounds of a search being conducted; their escape having been discovered, and the kobold jailer Dreck having gone missing. Still searching for their weapons, the party makes their way deeper into the tunnels and discover a vast mining pit, where they do battle with a horde of kobolds, who have taken the party’s weapons for their own. The kobolds are defeated with the help of a brusque, short-tempered dwarf, striking out from the shadows and thinning the enemy ranks. The dwarf, Jules, and Keen nearly come to blows during the fray, and as a result a single kobold makes its escape deeper into the mine. The party frees several prisoners, whom the kobolds have pressed into service as miners.

Jules tells the party that the mine belongs to their family, and they aim to reclaim it from the Kobold tribe and its matriarch, the Mother, but not before leading the freed prisoners to safety. Together with Jules and the prisoners, the party begins a long trek up into the darkness, back to the surface.

Weapons Recovered: most?

Kobolds slain: 12

Innocents killed: 2 (1 human, 1 barrel of drinking water)

Dwarven accents murdered: 1

Dreams: weird