Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 5: Respite In Whitebridge

As the party lay stunned by the devastation the explosion in the sky wrought all around them, Keen let out a yelp and pulled off his boot. And from it tumbled an oversized gold coin,inexplicably glowing white hot, to land in the dirt. Keen told the party he won the Dragonhead in acard game; “I saw it, I wanted it, so I got it.” As the coin cooled, Keen reached to pick it up anddiscovered that where previously both faces of the coin featured a stylized dragon’s head, one sidewas now completely smooth.

Magnus told the party of a theory he had heard, held by some scholars, that the reason society never seemed to progress was that as civilization developed, some great calamity would befall the land andcivilization would be crushed. He speculated that something on the scale of what had just occurredcould be such a calamity.

It was revealed that both Magnus and Keen had worked at a circus.

The party elected to camp for the night in place. The night passed uneventfully, but they awoke to discover that the sky looked the same as before they slept, as though time had not passed. Troubled,they set off over the debris of a ruined forest that had been shattered and collapsed for as far asthey could see. After some hours of slow going the day seemed to “catch up,” and wheeled quicklyinto dawn, though the aftermath of the explosion remained fixed in the sky. They emerged beyond theedge of the devastation and made their way South to the town of Whitebridge.

They were met at the gates by Elres, Captain of the guard, and welcomed in – word of theiradventure at Greencrack Copper Mine preceded them with Jules, who had apparently returned safelywith the survivors the previous night.

Yuna, who had woken feeling weakened, exhausted and feverish made her way to The Hanged Man’s Wink, a tavern and inn just inside the gates, to rest, while the remainder of the party was brieflyreunited with Jules, the bearded dwarven rogue who turned out to be Julia, daughter to UltarGreencrack. Ultar asked the party to return to the family’s mine to liberate it from the KoboldMother and the remains of the tribe, though Jules confided that she felt the mine was lost.

Seeking to learn all they could about recent events, the party encountered a crowd of terrified, panicked townsfolk at the foot of the Temple Of Syf. The crowd was calmed by words from Masym, TheHoly Mother, and as it dispersed Magnus met Ambriel, a young acolyte, who invited them to return inthe morning to speak with Masym about the history of the town, and the Thorimfel Plateau.

Levani, following advice from Ultar Greencrack, led the party to Anthol’s Emporium Of Arcana and met the proprietor. The ancient dwarf did not have much knowledge to offer and seemed unaware thatanything untoward had even occurred outside, but the party did learn that the ruins of the city ofThorimfel were not in fact under Whitebridge but a few days’ travel away. Anthol also said his son(Anthol) had left some days ago to investigate rumours of a fairy ring that appeared inthe woods. Purchasing a map of the Thorimfel Plateau, they left the shop and considered what to donext.

Anthols Met: 1/??

Maps Acquired: 1

Dwarves Misgendered: 1/??

RP Rating: Awesome