Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

The Myth of Creation

This is the story of creation, as told by denizens of Telisar.

There are many worlds beside this one. Between the planes of existence flows the Sea Of Chaos, a boundless, formless ocean of potential. The first thing that happened was this: Bahamut emerged from the waves in the form of an infinite platinum-scaled dragon, Her great glistening metallic wings radiating light across the surface of the Sea.

Bahamut flew over the Sea, but no matter how far She ranged She found Herself alone. Despairing for companionship, the Platinum Queen willed Tiamat rise from waves, and so the second thing that happened was this: the Rainbow Queen was borne of Chaos. Tiamat emerged as a five-headed dragon of many colors, Her heads snapping and fighting, and Bahamut was glad.

Together Bahamut and Tiamat danced through the Endless Night above the Sea Of Chaos, their love igniting the stars. Tiamat used the stars to fashion the constellations, and Bahamut, delighted, named each one: The Fox, The Eagle, The Raven, and the rest. This was the third thing that happened: The Queens Of Night made the stars.

And this was the fourth thing that happened: With Tiamat, Bahamut begat five children. From Bahamut was borne Woden, Father Of Brass Dragons; Syf, Mother of Copper Dragons; Mimir, Mother of Gold Dragons; Freya, Mother of Silver Dragons; and Thorus, Father of Bronze Dragons.

The children fought, in the manner of all siblings, and while Tiamat delighted in their contests, their conflicts and petty betrayals, Bahamut was saddened. To bring peace amongst them, Bahamut told the children the story of Telisar, and together each child was given a turn to tell a part of the story. This is why to the children are given the names of the days. This was the fifth thing that happened: Telisar was borne of the dreams of dragons.

But Tiamat grew jealous of their attention, now fixed on Bahamut, and demanded they return to their contests of strength and power, their games of trickery and cunning. But they refused, for the story of Telisar was not yet done, and the Rainbow Queen flew into a rage. Gathering her children around Her, Bahamut cast Tiamat into Night, forbidding her to return. Tiamat flew away across the Sea of Chaos, in her spite vowing to slay Bahamut and win back her children. This was the sixth thing that happened: The Queens Of Night were parted.