Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 6: That’s Right, We Kill Children Now

Yuna awoke in the Hanged Man’s Wink tavern, having been left there a few hours earlier by Magnus. She was rested, but not without troubling dreams. Dreams of spiders.

She wandered the town of Whitebridge, looking for her friends, and was met by Levani, who told her Magnus, Ara and Keen had taken off after some children, one of whom had stolen Keen’s coinpurse. Together they hurried off to try and catch up with them.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the party had been led into a trap by the children, where a deadly encounter ensued, and the party, divided and caught off guard, were nearly dispatched by a small group of teenagers claiming to be the Whitebridge Thieves Guild. The leader of the group, a sullen 17 year old named Quick William, demanded the surrender of Keen, whom he intended to turn in for a bounty of 500 gold. He produced a wanted poster featuring Keen’s likeness, and claimed it was capable of a Sending spell, which they had used to tell someone they had Keen. Blows, then words, then more blows were exchanged, and soon only Keen and William were left standing.

The timely arrival of Yuna and Levani and the former’s use of the Calm Emotions spell provided an end to the fighting, and Ara, Magnus, and two of the children were saved from death. Keen agreed to surrender on the condition that the children fetch Jules, to help resolve the situation.

Keen was dragged down into the Thieves Guild’s hideout, where teenagers had been attempting to care for a large group of Whitebridge’s abandoned and orphaned children, while the rest of the party remained in the alley awaiting Jules. While they waited, Levani learned from Keen via a message spell that he was wanted for murder; Keen claimed he had been framed. And Magnus taught the children some old timey swear words.

Attempted murders by children: 3

Attemped murders of children: 6

Moving paintings made of spiders rating: Creepy AF