Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 7: Do These Dice Really Go All The Way To 20?

After making a kind of peace with the Whitebridge Thieves Guild, the party learned that Keen was wanted for the murder of his circus performing partner, Able. Keen asserted his innocence, with mixed reactions from the group. The party then considered what to do about Keen’s bounty, since the Thieves Guild had already alerted whoever was seeking him. They decided to move the Guild members and the children they were protecting to the guard barracks, in case trouble showed. As they discussed their various options – do they stay and set up a trap? Do they try to find the missing arcanist Anthol The Younger? Do they go goblin hunting? – a sudden pain flared in each of them, at the site of the injection they each received when they were kidnapped. And with a popping noise and a faint smell of brimstone, Ara vanished.

Ara found himself in an underground tunnel, which led slowly down into the earth before opening on a cavern where he met and handily dispatched two of the three goblin guards, the third disappearing down a passage way.

Back in Whitebridge it then started to snow, odd for a later summer day.

The party returned to the Hanged Man’s Wink tavern, where Keen talked the barkeep into opening the Private Reserves, a collection of liquors he procured from some merchant looking to expand their business. At random, Keen choose a firey apple brandy that immediately got him very drunk, and bestowed a minor curse on him that made him unnaturally attracted to tieflings. This made for an interesting conversation with Levani, the party’s tiefling sorcerer, before Keen finally passed out and was dragged to his room. Levani picked up Keen’s belongings, including the mysterious Dragonhead coin, which she felt compelled to keep.

Yuna and Levani made their way to the Temple Of Syf, to speak with the clerics about the strange blue discoloration around their injection sites. The cleric Bali was unable to provide much insight, but seeing that many townsfolk still needed healing, Yuna offered her assistance, and in doing so seemed to succumb to some sort of narcotic effect as a result of using her magic.

While Yuna and Levani were out, and Magnus resting, Keen had a brief but deadly encounter with a blue-skinned tiefling woman who snuck into his room, searched him thoroughly and then slit his throat.

Yuna and Levani arrived just in time to save his life, though the tiefling woman made good her escape, sight unseen. They party moved to the basement of the inn for a nervous long rest.

RP Rating: Awesome

Saving Throws Failed: Like, all of them, I think?

Children Probably Saved: 31