Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 91: The Palace of Ice, Part V

The dracolich roared, filling the party with a magical terror, before unleashing a blast of icy breath that froze Stella, Yuna, and Sirlius in place as they were enveloped in the viscous, flowing gelatinous ooze. The dracolich then alighted atop a large chunk of stone and dirty ice, dragging Magnus with it. Magnus dropped the rope and with an inhuman, beastly shriek attacked the creature with his great axe. The dracolich reared, creating an icy blast of wind that pushed Magnus away and over the edge of the stone into a pool gelatinous ice. It then descended into the pool itself and disappeared from view. As the adventurers rushed to help their friends, Magnus pulled himself from the ice and raced towards Ara, his axe raised above his head in a two-handed swing. Ara deftly avoided the attack but Magnus in his berserker rage could not be stopped, and the monk led him away from his friends.

The dracolich rose up from a pool of gelatinous ice across the cavern, and taunted the party as it watched chaos unfold as a number of gelatinous oozes, drawn by the sounds of battle, emerged from the pools and leapt towards Keen, Ara and Magnus. Keen launched Levani, his dancing rapier into the fray against the dracolich as he fended off the oozes.

Ara managed to interpose two oozes between himself and Magnus, whose attention turned to these new targets. Unfortunately, the undead dragon choose that moment to land behind Ara and unleash three massive attacks from long, ropey pseudopods of gelatinous ice whipping forward from the ends of one claw. Ara was battered aside as bones snapped and the magical cold of the creature turned his skin black. He disengaged, placing more distance between himself and the dracolich, but also the rest of the party.

Meanwhile, Whisper had been trying to free her friends, and with their combined efforts was able to free Yuna. Stella too broke free, but they were unable to pull Sirlius from his icy prison. The dracolich then landed amidst them and unleashed a series of vicious attacks and emanating bitter cold all about it. Yuna managed to heal her nearby friends but Ara was too far away.

Magnus continued his berserker attacks against whatever was closest; having dispatched the nearby gelatinous oozes he raced back towards the party. Ara re-engaged, and though it broke his heart he realized he would have to incapacitate Magnus who at this moment was more of a danger to the party than even the dracolich.

The oozes now destroyed, Yuna and Keen turned their attention to the dracolich in earnest. Yuna’s spells flashed across its flowing, icy body and Keen’s rapiers thrust and bit deep, drawing the creature’s wrath. It attacked, and Keen was sure to lose the exchange when suddenly two shimmery, wraith-like figures appeared on either side and rushed forward to protect him with cries of “guide our souls, Hidden One!” It seemed Keen had drawn the souls of his new-found worshippers into the fight. These Exhalted of Kiiri flung themselves in front of Keen, absorbing two blows from the enraged dragon. At that moment, Whisper finally succeeded in freeing Sirlius, and the three joined in the attack.

Seeing the party had overcome their fear and freed their companions, the dracolich roared again and prepared to unleash another blast of gelatinous ice that would surely lay low the adventurers. But at that moment Keen threw his dagger, and as the blade dug into the battered creature his Kenku archer ally reacted with a bow shot of her own. The arrow was true and the gelatinous dracolich howled in rage as the magical bonds animating its undead spirit were broken. The creature melted into a pool of gelatinous ice, leaving behind a pile of bones and one large, golden key.

Ara finally succeeded in taking down the enraged Magnus. As the fighter fell unconscious, Ara pried the great axe from his friend’s grasp using the end of his bowstaff. Yuna healed Magnus and restored him to consciousness. As the berserker rage faded, Magnus reached for the axe but Ara instead slid it into the nearest pool of gelatinous ice.

Boss Battle Status: Complete

Level Level: Up

Godhood Level: Ascendant

RP Rating: Awesome!