Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 92: The Palace of Ice, Part VI

Magnus made to leap into the pool after the axe, but Whisper interposed herself between him and the ice. The Kenku declared it too dangerous a weapon to be wielded, but Magnus countered that the consciousness of the Myconid colony whose spores lived with him had provided a solution: they would absorb the berserker rage the axe created and allow Magnus to retain his senses. The party was split on whether this was an improvement and debated the matter for some time.

The party compromised, allowing Magnus to retrieve the axe on the condition that someone else hold onto it. He agreed, and made ready to leap into the gelatinous ice. As he approached the edge, he realized two things: first, the intense cold radiating from the liquid had lessened; it seemed the effect was amplified by the presence of the dracolich, now destroyed. And second, the bottom of the pool was covered in the undead dragon’s hoard of coin, jewels, and precious relics. Magnus made several trips to the bottom to retrieve armfuls of treasure, taking cold damage until at last he collapsed on the stone floor of the cavern.

As Whisper and Yuna tended to Magnus, Ara examined the stone wall blocking their progress. During his watch he had noticed a faint sub-bass thumping from behind the stone. Now he noted the sound was increasing in both volume and frequency. Whatever was happening beyond the wall, it was intensifying.

Flush with loot, the party turned their attention to the wall. They placed the golden key retrieved from the dracolich’s body into the keyhole and turned. With a blinding flash of purple-white light the entire stone wall turned to dust and fell like snow to the ground, revealing a long staircase ascending to a heavy stone door. As they alighted at the top of the stair, it was clear the thumping Ara had heard was some kind of music emanating from behind the door. Keen pushed it open and stepped through, his friends close behind.

The party found themselves standing in the middle of a massive, multi-level tiered space in which a party was raging. Fey of all kinds were socializing, drinking, fighting, gambling, and engaged in games of skill, and over all, at the very top and reclined sideways on a throne of ice, sat a Fey queen dressed in black leathers and spiked heels. In her hand she grasped a long staff topped by a hovering chunk of luminescent stone.

Berzerker Axes Recovered: 1

Mycelium Mushroom Spore Status: Insane

Fey Fantasy Night Club Rating: Bangin'

RP Rating: Awesome!