Frog Hat Club

The ongoing adventures of a group of new D&D players in their first game

Episode 9: Cheats and Consequences

The party, with some begrudging help from the aging Dwarven wizard Anthol Antholson, solved the riddle of the faerie ring and met its constructor, an irridescent indigo fairy dragon named Lord Shimmerscale. Drawn out by Yuna’s celestial nature, Shimmerscale revealed himself to the group, and demanded they stay and play more “games.” Keen made a deal with the fae, and played Shimmerscale for their freedom, cheating him at cards not once but twice. None the wiser and true to his word the fae creature allowed them safe passage out of the Feywild back to the material plane. The party returned to the forest north of Whitebridge, and discovered that despite having spent only a short time in the Feywild weeks had passed in Telisar. And Ara has no memory of what transpired there.

The party made their way back towards Whitebridge, where they discovered the town aflame, and the south gate under attack by a large horde of goblins. A small war camp had been raised between the edge of the forest and the town;Keen raised the hood on his Cloak of Elven Kind and snuck down to the camp and observed goblin runners ferrying orders from a tall, blue-skinned hobgoblin in plate armor to the attacking host.

The party attempted to sneak past the camp, with Levani disguised as a goblin and attempting to distract them. Despite a cunning disguise involving a Ring of Reduction and Disguise Self, Levani’s ruse was revealed when she shouted in Common at the hobgoblin warlord, who dispatched two more hobgoblins to chase after her.

Meanwhile on the other side of the camp the remaining party attempted to use the diversion to sneak past, but Yuna, momentarily losing self control due to her spell-sickness, yelled out in excitement and revealed their location. The group now stands toe-to-toe with a large blue hobgoblin, while the host continues its assault and the town burns.

Arrogant Wizards Beaten Unconscious: 1

Weeks Spent In The Feywild: 11!

Sods Who Roll Natural 20s On Investigation Checks That Revealed the Key To Solving A Fairy’s Riddle Rating: Lucky.