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Tiamat And The Lords Of The Abyss

As recorded in the Tome Of Revelation, set down by Anaraxus The Foul, Hierophant of the Cult Of The Dragon

Tiamat the Scorned was cast out from her family by Bahamut Falsefire, Mother of Lies, for no crime besides willing her children to be strong. The Rainbow Queen flew alone across the surface of the Sea of Chaos, until at last she could bare her broken heart no longer, and despairing, plunged into the swirling depths whence she was borne, seeking to be unmade.

But so great was her anguish that she could not die; and her tears continued to flow even as she descended deeper and deeper into the darkness. And as Tiamat wept each tear joined its neighbour, and froze, and the frozen shards too joined together, forming vast planes of crystal. And as they grew larger, they sank to the very bottom of Chaos, and passed through it, and there in the void beyond Chaos itself they formed the Infinite Layers Of The Abyss.

Finding no solace even in primordial Chaos, Tiamat laid to rest at the bottom of the empty Abyss, alone and cold for ages beyond counting.

Tiamat slept.

Tiamat dreamed.

So powerful were Tiamat’s dreams that they sprang forth, giving rage and hate and despair physical form; thus were borne the Five Demon Lords of the Abyss: Abraxas, The Unfathomable, Lord of Truth; Orcus, The Undying, Lord of The Undead; Baphomet, The Hunter, Lord of Beasts; Dagon, The Drowned, Lord of The Depths; and the eldest, mightest of them all: Demogorgon, The Despairing One, Lord Of The Abyss, Father Of Demons.

As they were beings of pure anger and sadness, The Lords immediately fell to fighting, warring for control over the frozen wastes of the Abyss. Soon they summoned to their sides great armies of Tanar’ri, the demon races that populate the Abyss even now, and before the Tanar’ri the Lords set mighty generals, the Obyriths, whose cruelty and horror cowed even demons.

For time beyond reckoning the War Of The Abyss raged, until at last the armies were at a stand still; Demogorgon held the lowest depths of the Abyss, his army the strongest, and his power unchallenged, while his four brothers schemed and plotted and betrayed one another in endless attempts to usurp his rule from the Layers above. For beneath the Sea Of Chaos, they were all trapped in the Abyss; there was simply nowhere else for them to go.

But to this day every demon of the Abyss, whether Lord or dretch, remembers the dreams of the Mother that gave them life: dreams of revenge against Bahamut, her ungrateful children, and us, the peoples of Telisar; we who are the vile progeny of betrayal and lies. They hate us, and they are right to, for we are evil.

Tiamat sleeps. But one day, Tiamat will awaken to unite the armies of the Abyss, and bring themforth out of Chaos. And on that day, the Rainbow Queen will slay the Mother Of Lies, and this world will know destruction, and she will have justice.