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The Telisaran Calendar

Syfdag kindle fate’s first light
Mimdag have a secret might
Wodag have the strength to fight
Thordag curse the wrong, avenge the right
Freydag love fair beauty’s sight
   --Dwarven nursery rhyme

The Telisaran calendar derives from a mixture of the traditions of the Dwarven settlers who reached the Eastern shores of Telisar at the start of the Modern Era, and those of the Dragonborn peoples already there.

It reckons the year as eight Seasons of 45 days each. At the end of the year, between 45th of the Bear and 1st of the Fox is the Festival Of The Hunt, a five-day celebration of life, family, and renewal.

Each season is divided in to 9 weeks of 5 days each; the days are named for the Dwarven pantheon of creator gods:

  • Syfdag, named for Syf, goddess of destiny, fate and magic;
  • Mimdag, named for Mimir, goddess of knowledge and truth;
  • Wodag, named for Woden, god of law, justice and war;
  • Thordag, name for Thorus, god of retribution and death; and
  • Freydag, named for Freya, goddess of love, beauty, and life.

Our adventure begins in late autumn, on Syfdag, 41st Of The Lion, 3206 ME.